Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does it work?

    After you’ve signed up, we’ll review your application. If you’re approved, we’ll assign you an Account Manager. Your Account Manager will send your inPlay javascript tag, which you simply copy and paste into your CMS so you can start earning revenue immediately.

  • What type of games can i have?

    We offer a range of popular, casual and puzzle games for your users to enjoy and get hooked on. The most popular games are 4 in a row, 2048 and Floppy Bird. Your widget will optimise to deliver the best games for your audience. All our games can be played across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

  • Where can i put my games widget?

    You can place your games widget anywhere within your website(s). The sidebar and below your articles usually work best because that’s where your users will often be looking for new content to consume.

  • What’s my revenue share?

    You’ll earn 70% of the advertising revenue.

  • How and when do i get paid?

    You can get paid via wire transfer or Paypal, it’s your choice. You’ll receive monthly payments on net 60 days. So your earnings from January will be paid on 30th March.

  • How much can i expect to earn?

    The revenue you earn is based on the amount of traffic your website(s) generates multiplied by your widget CPM. Your widget CPM depends on many factors including which countries your users are in and the placement/ viewability of your widget. It usually takes a few weeks to get an accurate indicator of your long-term earnings potential.